Training Series

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Disability Equality Training Series (DETS) is a unique program that offers you and your team the skills and tools you need to build a culture of disability equality. If we are to achieve equality for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it will come from the leadership and passion of the people themselves. The empowerment, understanding and community integration found in the rigor of this training series will build the strong peer groups and the new leadership we need to reach that equality. Sessions address the building blocks of self advocacy through 12 sessions addressing  three areas.


DETS draws upon ATC’s 38 years of leadership development experience within the disability rights movement. It features proven methods that engage people with disabilities in ways that positions them to lead in moving towards disability equality. Participants learn together, practice new skills, facilitate lessons, take action in meaningful ways and have fun. Lessons have detailed, yet easy to follow instructions, and do not need to be led by expert facilitators. All that is required is a short amount of prep beforehand, trust in the program, and effort to make it work.

  • All courses are self-led; ACT trains your trainers.
  • Each course has 12 one-hour sessions and is organized on the self-advocacy cycle: building personal power, connecting to disability rights, building better communities.
  • Each session is easy to present: support materials are easy to use, clearly organized, and include strategies for engaging participants in activities that enhance the learning experience.
  • All sessions use group learning with participatory learning model.
  • Comprehensive curriculum includes courses from basic to advanced levels.
  • Completion certificates recognize achievement.
  • Rigor reflected in program structure, where smaller groups learn over longer periods of time, creating lasting leadership skills.

We are currently piloting the first series of lessons with select groups. Soon we will have another round of pilots, free of cost, if your group is interested: