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We write and sell leadership training materials, used by hundreds of self-advocacy groups (and students) across the nation. They’re simple to follow. They use our field-tested methods. They work! Many of our videos have won awards. Our handbooks help your group build skills together.

(Since 1996)


Learning about disability history and the self-advocacy movement.

  • Self-Advocacy BINGO! (Item #110b)
  • Self-Advocacy BINGO! – Photo Gallery (Item #110p)
  • Leadership BINGO! (Item #111)
  • Collective Action BINGO! (Item #112)


Declarations of Independence (Item #180)

First-person values of self-advocacy.


Disability History Exhibit (Item #015)

Showing 3000 years of disability history in a compelling 22 panel display.


Freedom, Equality and Justice for All (Item #001)

Seeing self-advocacy as a civil rights movement (includes award-winning video.)


I Am A Person First (Item #030)

Understanding the value of values.


Know Your Rights (Item #200)

Become familiar with the three main disability rights laws.


Meeting Builders

Self-Advocacy in 20 minutes.

  • Set #2 (Item #211)
  • Set #3 (Item #212) (set #1 not required for set 2 & 3)


My Choice, Your Decision (Item #004)

Comparing new fads in service delivery against what people really want for themselves. (includes award-winning DVD.)


Offense Taken (Item #220)

A documentary DVD about how one community responds to the R-word.


Reach for the Power Switch (Item #090)

How ordinary people can use power to make change.


We Have Human Rights (Item #230)

Handbook for people with develomental disabilities.

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